Psychotherapist Services: North Chili, NY

Life does not come with an instruction book—we learn to cope as we grow. None of us are prepared to deal effectively with all of life's hidden mysteries and social problems. We all struggle with loss, stress, and tragedy.

Individual psychotherapy is an opportunity to sort out life's issues and to cope with, manage and resolve difficult psychological issues and symptoms. I believe in a strength-based therapeutic model of treatment, built on the work of Dr. Milton Erickson, whose view of the human condition is one of strength and health first.

It is my belief that we all have the answers to our problems, but we sometimes need help rediscovering these answers. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy informs me that we develop problems based on our interpretation of life events—we develop "truths" regarding these events. We begin to create an ongoing internal dialogue about who and what we are. Often these truths are erroneous and result in symptoms and behaviors that are self-defeating. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps individuals challenge these truths by engaging in behaviors that provide feedback that alters belief systems and resolves symptoms.

Some of the issues addressed in individual psychotherapy are:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Stress Management
• Grief and Loss
• Relationship Issues
• Marital Issues
• Dysfunctional Family Issues
• Separation and Divorce
• Anger Management

Children's Issues
My understanding of children's problems has been informed by Ross W. Greene, Ph.D., author of "The Explosive Child." Dr. Greene's work has been referred to as Collaborative Problem Solving. The main assumption of this work is that children are not motivated to explode or act inappropriately. They simply lack the skills to effectively carry out expectations, and become frustrated when demands cannot be met in ways that other children are able to. It is my firm belief that we need to better understand the function of a child's behavior and teach them new skills that will help them be more successful.

Crisis Intervention Services
Upon receiving my degree, I was employed as a licensed clinical therapist with Unity Health System, providing crisis counseling and short term psychotherapy. The last five years of my career there was as Coordinator of the Psychiatric Emergency Center, where my work focused on administrative functions of the Psychiatric Emergency Center, as well as providing crisis intervention and addressing the emergent psychiatric needs of a wide spectrum of patients.

My experience also includes mobile crisis intervention and stabilization to children and adolescents in school and home settings as a Mobile Crisis Clinician with Youth Emergency Services for four years.

Couples Issues
Many of the problems experienced by couples are typically related to communication issues. As individuals, we come from different perspectives and belief systems. As a young couple in love, those differences are clouded by normal excitement and enchantment. Time and the regular demands of life in the 21st century slowly and progressively erode those early emotions. As individuals, couples are stressed and affected by all that goes on around them. Time eludes us and we struggle just to maintain. Loss of communication, time and daily demands result in couples' issues. The results are anger, sadness and disappointment where maladaptive patterns develop. Comfort and understanding is sought from others allowing the chasm to grow every wider.

Grounded in the same strength-based, solution-focused, perspective, I believe that couples can be reacquainted to more emotionally satisfying patterns. Imago Relational Therapy is utilized to provide a couple with a safe and mutually healing experience. Couples can be taught newer behaviors that are developmentally more appropriate in their current life cycle. Learning to celebrate each other's success and letting go of a need to be in control, frees a couple up to resume a life of relational bliss.

Consultation and Supervision
My employment history includes a significant amount of clinical and supervisory social work experience that I am able to draw upon to negotiate relationships, engage others and bring about change.

Continuing Education Presentations
• Functional Behavioral Assessments
• Positive Classroom Management Techniques
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Stress Management
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Suicide
• Mental Health Risk Management
• Stress Management and Wellness

Afternoon and evening hours available.
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